About me

Hi everyone, my name is Athanasia.
First time I practiced yoga and meditation was 6 years ago. I absolutely loved it. I started reading books about yoga postures and meditation. I just found it extremely interesting and thought: “this is my thing”. From that day until now, the road to make meditation a daily habit has been long, and not so easy.
During all these years, I was taking meditation classes every now and then, and in the times that I wasn’t, I always kept it in my mind. The problem was that I couldn’t keep meditation in my life on a daily basis.

A little bit more  about  myself..

I spent a period of my life that everything seemed meaningless. I had a job that I didn’t like at all and that was sucking all my energy. In my free time, I was feeling exhausted physically and emotionally and was just staying home doing nothing.
Many times I thought to change my career. Instead of thinking what I’d really like to do, I was listening to people around me giving me advice about how to live my life; this only kept me in the wrong way of thinking for a longer time of period.

Nobody knows what’s best for you. It’s only you that can decide that for yourself.

Some people even told me that I don’t have to love my job, because nobody does. So, in that period, I was feeling that I am at a dead end. I kept feeling like that for about 3 years. Not knowing what to do in my life, and trying to find the solution in the wrong ways.

Even if I was meditating now and then, and even if I loved it, I didn’t practice it often enough so that I could see some improvements. It was when I finally started meditating every day, that I started seeing and finding the solutions to my problems.

Meditation has changed my life completely.
I learned how to let go of things and situations that were stressing me, and my true self finally started to reveal itself. Something that was so well hidden under all these “layers” of how we must be or how we have been taught to be. When this happens, you just follow your feelings and all your problems finds the solution magically. A problem that once seemed like a tangled skein was now being unraveled very easily.
I have learned to go after the things my heart truly desire and not spending time on things that don’t give me anything or don’t take me where I want to be in life.

The reason I built this site is to share my experiences and in this way help others that may face the same difficulties and challenges that I did. I have spent many years until I made meditation a daily habit. My mission is to help you do that in a faster way.
Feel free to reach out to me if you want to ask something or if you just want to create a conversation.

Best wishes,