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Yoga Download

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Yoga download is a website that provides you with video and audio classes at a very low price. It’s for you that wants to do meditation and yoga at home or anywhere else you can imagine!


  • You can practice whatever you wish and how often you wish in the comfort of your own home. Not needing to prepare yourself and go to a yoga studio spending time on transportation.
  • In a yoga studio, you would pay at least 20 times more.
  • You can download your favorite trainings and take them with you to places where you don’t have access to the internet.
  • There is a great variety of classes and instructors with many different kinds of yoga styles like Hatha, Ashtanga, power, Vinyasa, prenatal etc, and many different kinds of meditation like stress reducing, gratitude, chakra, mindfulness, love and much more.

Find the Perfect Style of Yoga for You

    • You have the possibility to review a class before you decide to purchase or download it.
    • All the videos and audios are high quality.
    • There is a calendar where you can create your schedule by adding the classes you desire and receiving an e-mail reminder 2 hours before. The classes you have completed also appears in the calendar so you have an overall image of what and how often, you have been download banner link
    • There are many kinds of subscriptions.
      yoga downlod banner link
      The most low-costed is $10 per month!! With this one, you have unlimited access for free to almost all the classes.
      There are some programs and packages that are not free but you have 50% discount on them.
      You also have the limitation of downloading 4 classes per month in your devices.
      If you subscribe for $18 per month you have unlimited access to everything for free.
      There is also a 3 and 6 month subscription that costs $24 and $45. These subscriptions have the same regulations as the monthly subscription.
        And a yearly subscription just for $90. That means $7.5 per month with unlimited access to everything for free.
  • You have the possibility to purchase any video you wish even if you have not subscribed. Like a one-time thing.
  • There are audio and video meditations. The videos are very helpful for some people because you can see the instructor guiding you, and that gives you the feeling that you actually are in a yoga studio.
  • You can cancel your subscription at any time.
  • Whatever you are looking for, you will find it here. Whether it is meditation courses or intense exercise. What a nice thing not having to go to the gym and to the yoga studio that would keep almost all your afternoons/mornings busy. With Yoga Download, you can exercise at home before going to work for example, and in the evening you can meditate; or turn it all the way around 🙂
  • There is music available that you can purchase at a very low price.
  • You can browse the classes based on the length, the intensity, the level, the body part you want to focus on, the style of yoga or the instructor. That makes it very easy for you to find what you’re looking for


  • You have not direct support from your instructor as you would have at a studio.
  • If you’re looking for something specific it can be hard to focus on that, because of the big variety of classes. That can have as a result to end up doing something else; but that could also be a good thing. Discovering and trying new things 😉

My rating

I rate Yoga Download with an 8 out of 10. I would give it a 10 if there was a platform where you could pop your question and get answers and support from the instructors.



I strongly recommend Yoga Download. High quality, low cost. Completely worthwhile!

Click on the image below to visit their website ⇓
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18 thoughts on “Do meditation and yoga at home

  1. Rob S.

    Meditation is so relaxing and reduces stress. I’ve taken yoga classes and I want to start doing yoga at home. It’s not exactly the same without an instructor there but I like it. I like what this has to offer and I feel the $18 a month is worth it. I need to try this at home. It’s great to be able to review it before I purchase it. Try before you buy!

    1. Athanasia Post author

      Hello Rob 🙂
      I have been reviewing one more website with Yoga classes that has really impressed me. It offers 7 days free trial. Check it out

      Best wishes,

  2. Ido Barnoam

    I’m not a fan of Yoga actually. I meditate, but I don’t practice Yoga. I understand that they might be complementary, but for some reason, it doesn’t draw me in.

    I have to say that all though the program sounds good, the fact that there is no real support or guidance is a deal breaker for me. Yoga is something you need constant feedback on. This doesn’t sound like a program that has that.

    1. Athanasia Post author

      Hello Ido 🙂

      Yes, the biggest, and maybe the only, drawback is that you don’t have any direct support from your instructor.
      For those that are familiar with Yoga this may not be a problem. For those that are beginners it depends on if they have exercised before and how well they know their body and it’s limits. For those that need constant feedback YogaDownload could be good as a complementary tool.

      Guidance, on the other hand, you get while watching the video.

      All the best,

  3. Rina

    I use to take yoga classes at my local yoga shop, but sometimes it is hard to find a time to go. Great idea on bringing the yoga to your home! I’ve tried looking at yoga youtube videos, but I just don’t seem to like them. I am going to check this program out. Thank You for the information. $10 a month is not a bad price.

    1. Athanasia Post author

      Hello Rina 🙂

      I understand completely what you mean. I don’t go to a yoga studio either; I prefer practicing at home and yes YogaDownload has helped me a lot 🙂 There are so many instructors and styles that it’s almost impossible not to find something that will suit you.

      Good luck with your practice,


  4. Johnny

    Hi Athanasia,
    I am interested in implementing yoga into my daily routine, but am not sure which style would be best for me. I have two young boys and limited time, but I know that I want to make the time for yoga as I feel it would be worth it. Which style is your favourite and what would you recommend? Thanks for the information and all the best to you!

    1. Athanasia Post author

      Hello Johnny 🙂
      I’m happy about your decision to start practicing Yoga.
      There are so many styles nowadays that everyone can find something that corresponds one’s needs and fits with one’s personality.
      I personally practice Hatha Yoga, that by the way, is a very good starting point for many. You can start by performing the postures (asanas) slow and carefully and giving the proper attention to your breath.
      Of course, the best option is to do Yoga with the guidance of a teacher, but you can do it at home as well, as long as you are very careful and don’t push your body to do things that it’s not ready for.
      There are many classes available in Yoga Download under the category: Beginner Yoga.

      I wish you all the best,

      PS. I am sorry for delaying to answer as I was on vacation.
      I also have to mention that I’m not a yoga teacher and that this is my personal opinion.

  5. Javier

    Hi Athanasia, Thanks for sharing, I remember a while ago I wanted to do Yoga but I didn’t know exactly how it worked or where to go, at that time I just bought a book and follow the instructions, It would be great to be able to have resources like the one you reviewed, I am going to keep it in my head, and when I find the opportunity I will try it, Thanks again

    1. Athanasia Post author

      Hello Javier.
      Yes, Yoga Download is a very helpful resource to do yoga and meditation at the comfort of your home, at any time and with not much expenses. It has a great deal of courses for all levels.
      It’s definitely worth trying.

      Wish you all the best,

  6. Levi

    Thank you for sharing this review about Yoga Download, it has been extremely helpful. I’ve been doing yoga for about two years now, but since work became a bit more hectic, I have been skipping some of my classes. I started surfing through Amazon to try and find some DVDs for home use, but felt that the classes would be limiting and eventually I would have to buy many DVDs. Yoga Download has thousands of classes which I can watch or download according to my choosing. As I travel on business a lot, I can also just watch a class on my iPad in the morning before starting my day while listening to great music by the likes of Hang Pan Massive, Les Nubians and many more at just 60 bucks per annum. I am definitely going to sign up 😉

    1. Athanasia Post author

      Hello, Levi 🙂
      I’m glad you liked Yoga Download! It’s definitely better than purchasing DVD’s. There are many different instructors you can choose from, many kinds of Yoga styles and all kinds of intensity.
      Don’t forget that today is the last day of the annual offer.

      Have a wonderful day,

  7. christinamk

    There are so many apps and resources for yoga online that it is hard to know which ones are the best! Thank you for your honest review, it is very helpful to know that Yoga Download is a good quality app and worth the money. The discount code also adds significant savings! Thank you, I will be checking this out!

  8. lizp

    Great information! Yoga Download sounds like a great site. I do yoga a few times a week to stretch and work on balance and posture. I also it do strengthen my muscles. Are all these things available and easy to find? You mentioned it’s not always easy to find exactly what you’re looking for.

    The price seems pretty good too. I actually prefer to work out at home and enjoy the silence and convenience of it.

    Thanks again for sharing!

    1. Athanasia Post author

      Hello, Lizp!
      I also prefer to do Yoga in the comfort of my home 😉
      Yes, all these things are available in Yoga Download. The price is very good and especially the annual offer they have if you subscribe until the end of June.
      I said that staying focused on what you’re looking for can be hard because of the big variety of classes that will distract you.

      I wish you all the best,

  9. Mike

    One of the aspects of Yoga classes that I have found somewhat distasteful over the years is that in many cases there are one or two (or more) people in the class who want to turn it into a competition. I ascribe to the philosophy that each body can do what it will. Therefore, to ovoid the competition, I practice yoga at home. It has worked well for me. Your site is a valuable resource for those of us who practice at home.

    1. Athanasia Post author

      Hello, Mike.

      Unfortunately, we all come across “these kinds of people” in all our sectors of our lives, as we also come across “other kinds of people” that diffuses positivity. We have to aim for the positive situations in our lives, so continuing on something that gives you bad vibrations is just a bad idea.

      I totally agree with you that each and one of us have different bodies and that’s just the nature of it.

      When practicing at home you can choose what you want to do exactly and do it with your own rhythm; focus where you need it most, and therefore develop faster in you practice.

      Yoga Download is a very helpful tool that will give you guidance when you feel that you need it.

      I wish you all the best with your practice,


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