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woman sitting on the beach clouds on colorful skyIn meditation there is a lot of talk about finding and setting your intention. But why is that so important? Can’t we just sit down and start our session?

Having an intention in meditation means having an intention in life. This is something vital.

Many live their life as it is being directed to them from others because it’s the way we have been taught to exist. Our society is structured that way, and is being supported and nourished from that kind of thinking… or lets say non-thinking. The results that come with this kind of living are many and unhealthy for our psych and body. Boredom-no passion-no interests, that leads to depression and physical sicknesses.

On the other hand, having an intention that comes from deep inside of you and from whom you really are, will lead to a life full of happiness and success.

To find your intention you have to first know what you want in life. That means finding your true self.


Setting your intention in meditation reflects what you want in life.

Somebody may have as an intention:I want to find my true self and always act according to it and not as the others want me to. That will lead to living my life to the fullest.

or: My goal in life is to meet my other half.

or:I want to reduce my stress levels. This is not as simple as it sounds. It may not be the goal of your life, but it surely is a start to improve your life. And guess what? After achieving this goal, it will lead you to the next one, until you reach your ultimate goal.

Keep always in mind that there is no such thing as a a stupid or meaningless intention. Everyone has their own way of discovering themselves and developing. Even if you set an intention, and after a while you come to discover that it’s not at all what you want, that means that you’re on the right path because discovering what you are not, or discovering that you are not what you thought until now, is one of the biggest steps towards self-discovering.
So we will walk towards that direction. Discover what you don’t like, and get rid of that.

If you don’t get rid of the things in your life that you don’t like, it will be very difficult to go to the next step. When your life is full of things that doesn’t fulfill you, you are just making a collection of negative feelings. Stress, obligation, pressure, boredom, low self-esteem, sadness, despair, anger, dissatisfaction, anxiety, frustration.
All these feelings keeps your vibrational frequency in a low level. Being at that level will not attract positive feelings; instead it will keep you there, grumbling about the same things over and over again. Read more.

When you do things that you like on a daily basis, means that you are true to yourself, and positive feelings surrounds you. Joy, balance, cheerfulness, confidence, enthusiasm, satisfaction, euphoria. Positive feelings brings more positive feelings and kicks out the negative with open arms looking at the sunset

Having these feelings on a daily basis eventually brings inspiration and creativity. This brings you one step further on following your dreams. I will be analyzing more about creativity in a nother article. For now our goal is to find our intention.


How to find your intention

So what are we waiting for? Here is a small guide that will help you find your intention. In order for this guide to help you, you have to follow it step by step and keep notes. This will help you reach the best results.


As I said before finding out what you don’t like can be the biggest step, so lets start from there.


  • Spend all the current week writing down what you have done during the day (going to work, seeing a friend, cooking, doing a hobby, visiting family, going to the cinema etc)
    Include activities that you usually do, but you didn’t do this specific week.
    Activities that you like or dislike. We want to write down all the things that are included in your life.
    Use a blank page for each activity and use the activity as a title on the top of the page.


  • Under each title-activity, write down these five points:
    1) how you felt before doing the activity,
    2) how you felt during the activity,
    3) how you felt after the activity,
    4) all the positive things you gained from this activity, and
    5) all the negative points.


  • Reflect upon your notes and see which activities gives you joy and which doesn’t. Maybe it’s time to make a sorting and keep the activities that are really giving you something and get rid of the ones that doesn’t.
    Think what it is that fulfills you with all the positive feelings I mentioned before (joy, satisfaction, euphoria etc), and reconsider the things that doesn’t give you a lot of positivity.
    You will be amazed to discover how many things you keep in your life that doesn’t need to be kept.


Note: It’s important to have the capability to understand which activities you will keep although you don’t like them. Like for example cooking. If you don’t like cooking at all, I don’t suggest that you stop cooking at home and start eating junk food. In all the activities that we don’t like but needs to be kept, we have to find a way to decrease them or to make them less unpleasant. The solution may be to look for some new recipes in the net that will motivate you a little bit more or cook more quantity, less times per week. It’s you that has to find the solution.
So it’s very obvious that some activities are vital and we cannot cut them out of our lives. Another example is a family member that we dislike. In this case you can meet this person less or even try to confront a specific situation that annoys you. Again, you have to find a solution that will have good effects. 

On the other hand, we tend to be all too sensitive to changes. Don’t let this be the only reason to stick to something.

The bottom line is to understand when you need to get rid of something and when you need to interfere, in order to adjust it or to even change it. It’s only you that will decide what is need to be done because only you knows what’s going on inside of your head.


  • Now that you have kept the things that you enjoy in your life, just reflect upon them and feel if there is something there, that can be your intention. A feeling, a goal, a wild life dream…. anything that is connected to these activities.
    If you still can’t find anything that may be your intention, just keep spending your time in things that you love and may your intention be: Spending my time in things that gives me positive feelings.” 


What if I don’t like anything in particular in my life?

If you cannot find anything in your life that makes you happy don’t worry. You are just among many others out there.
In this case, you can do a deeper reflexion upon your life and just think if you ever had an activity that you really liked when you were younger or what was your life-dream when you were younger. You see, sometimes our busy every day schedule or just the fact that we are convinced that dreams doesn’t come true make us forget what we really desire in life. Or maybe you didn’t even dare to think about it as a possible fact because of the discouragment you received from others. Think about that dream. What is it that makes you feel ecstatic and totally happy?

Write these things down and try to connect them with the present. Even if you have an interest that cannot take place in your life right now, because of lack of time, of economic issues or whatever, there are still ways to make steps towards it.
The easiest and  most interesting way to insert something in your life is to strive constantly to gain knowledge about it. Google it, read about it, talk about, write about it, learn about everything around it and you will find your way to reach to it. Set as a goal to learn something new about it everyday.

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If you still cannot find anything, you should choose the first intention that I mentioned above. Something that goes pretty much like this:My intention with the meditation is to find my true self and always be true to it. When you make a decision like that it means that you will get rid or change the things in your life that you don’t like and gradually you will discover what you like.
Don’t forget that you can always start with something more specific and simple like the third one that I mentioned before:My intention is to reduce my stress levels.” or ” I want to improve my self-esteem“. That will also lead you to self- discovering. Learning how to have balance inside of you will lead to balance in all the sections of your life.
So if you feel confused, just keep it simple.


Good luck with finding your intention, and if you have any reflections or difficulties doing so, write them down on the comment field below, and I will be more than happy to help you out 🙂

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  1. Kenny Lee

    Hi Athanasia,

    I was about to write something on The Wrong Reasons to Meditate when I found your post. I find having the right intention to do anything is important. The result will always represent the type of seeds that we sow. Good sharing of yours.


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