How to become creative in life

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For many years I believed that creativity was a quality that not all people have. I was not creative myself, and I just thought that it’s not my thing. I’m sure that many of you think the same way.
In this article, “How to become creative in life”, I will analyze where this belief comes from and the actual reason we are not creative.

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Why am I not creative?

Let’s take a look at how an ordinary day looks like, for a big percentage of the population.
We spend 8 hours (or more) of our day working.
Parenthesis: According to many researches that have been done over the years, the percentage of the population that doesn’t like their job is tremendously bigger than the percentage that does enjoy their job. In fact, you just need to take a look around you to realize that. My analysis below is based on the biggest percentage.
We spend the rest of the day fulfilling our basic needs or providing for our family.
Some people have even few hours left to do a hobby. A  big part of the people that have some free time is too tired (mentally or physically) to do anything or are just  not motivated.

All cases have something in common. Spending 8(or more) hours doing something that you don’t like or in many cases something that puts you down.

My question is: Is it possible for somebody to be creative in something that he/she doesn’t like? Maybe the answer is very obvious, so here is my next question: Is it possible for somebody to retain a creative mindset during the rest of the day, when spending so many hours on something that he/she doesn’t like?
My answer is: In most of the cases, no. Even if somebody is creative I don’t know for how long that is possible. Doing things that you don’t like every day and for many years, will certainly lower your vibrational frequency and the way you think (to being more negative).
man walking in the night city looking downThe conclusion is. When you don’t like your job you will do what’s necessary to put it through and you will be left with no energy, miserable just living your life without any goals, passion, therefore no motivation nor creativity.

Now, think of all the people you know, that do like their job. Are they creative?
I think that the answer here will be, yes. At least, all the people I know.
When you do something that you like or even love on a daily basis, that gives you joy and satisfaction. This creates a positive state of mind with high vibrational frequency. It’s not just a positive state of mind. It’s something more; it’s the feeling of absolute fulfillment. This is the point where creativity starts to arise!

So,. my conclusion is that the reason why we think that we are not creative is because there is no fertile ground in our lives, for creativity to grow. To create this fertile ground we need to spend as many hours as possible doing things that we like, are interested in, are PASSIONATE ABOUT!

The reason we do not make room for such things is because we have been taught that they are not important, that they are secondary. Nobody taught us how to look for things that we are interested in and nobody encouraged us to go after our passion in life. It’s up to you to change that belief.

“Easier said than done”

I’m sure that this will be the thought of many, when reading this article.
Of course, everything is easier to say than to do lol

Most of the people react saying: “Ok. Very nice thought but it’s not possible. If I quit my job and start doing my hobby how will I survive without a salary?” Of course, that is not what I recommend.

Imagine that your goal is to create a beautiful garden where now is just infertile, hard ground. You don’t only have to invest time to do it; you have to, first of all, learn how to do it, and then be persistent, constant, having a looooot of patience and always carry with you a positive mindset. Keep in mind that some flowers might not bloom or grow a lot. But by dedicating more time and keep on trying, eventually, you are going to create the garden you are dreaming of.
happy girls with her arms apart All changes are possible if we deeply believe in them. The most difficult thing to change is our way of thinking. The beliefs and the prejudgments that are rooted inside of us, like the “standard way of living” that is being promoted to us during our whole life, or the belief that we are not in control of the route that our life will take. But the truth is that we create what we have in our minds, what we believe in.

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