How to get rid of an obsessive thought

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thoughtful man sitting on a bench in a gray backgroundHave you ever been so stressed, so pressured, so overwhelmed by a situation, or maybe just by a THOUGHT that it sucked up all your energy?
First, it just changed your mood and then it slowly changed your way of being.

Many of us live with these situations or thoughts without realizing it. We are used to it/them. We are slowly being absorbed by them, as if they were quicksand and we are sinking little bit deeper day by day…

It’s not so complicated to get rid of an obsessive thought. You just have to acknowledge the problem, see where it’s coming from and determine yourself that you will get rid of it.


An obsessive thought can be created from a situation or a circumstance we DON’T LIKE or we CANNOT CONTROL; it can be created from a relationship we don’t feel good about; or from a person that makes us feel stressed. An obsessive thought can also be an emotion; for example fear about something or just stress about something. An emotion we are used to having and it’s very hard to cast it off of us.

I have had many of those and I know they are veeeery persistent.

troubled girl standing
Every time I was having an unpleasant thought or emotion, it felt like there was NOTHING I could do to get it out of my mind. I was feeling so pressured from these feelings, that I really believed that I will never feel free. It was like a jail I had created for myself. I was suffering from my own thoughts!

How did I overcome this situation?

First came the realization of the situation. To understand that I had an obsessive thought and where it came from. Next step: ok now I know HOW I feel and WHY I feel it. But still I cannot control it. You know why? Because I was simply used to it; and it’s difficult to break a habit.

So….what did I do?
Two things:
1)Daily meditation.
2)Every time I had these feelings/thoughts I used one of the methods below to get rid of them.

By being loyal to these two things I gradually learned how to control my thoughts and break this unpleasant habit that my mind had created.
These methods are very simple and if you just commit to following them you will see that eventually you will get rid of all your unpleasant thoughts or feelings.


The key here is to be persistent!

If you just can be AS PERSISTENT AS YOUR THOUGHTS ARE you will defeat them!!
The reason why many cannot overcome them is simply that. They are not as persistent as they should be.

So you have to commit to yourself that you will do it EVERY SINGLE TIME these annoying thoughts appear!
If you make a promise to yourself that you will use one of these methods EVERY TIME you want to get rid of an obsessive thought it will slowly disappear. So simple like that.

Here are the methods:

  • Every time an obsessive thought appears the first thing to do is to take deep breaths. Hold your breath inside for two seconds and think of your problem. As you exhale, imagine the problem going out from you. Do this as long as you want. You can also use a visualization here. You can think that you’re blowing all the emotions/feelings/problems in a balloon and then imagine the balloon disappearing in the sky. The problems are now too far away to affect you.
  • Second thing to do, is to think of something positive. Think of the situation that gives you the negative emotion and try to find something positive in that situation or try to replace it with a positive emotion.
  • Third thing to do, is to think of things you are grateful for in your life in general. This will make you change your mood and realize that the positive things in your life are more important than the negative. Think that the positive things take so much space in your life that there is no space for the negative ones.field full of poppies and dry grass
    I want to point out here that this is a difficult procedure and it takes time to start feeling better. It’s something that will come gradually. Don’t get angry or upset with yourself; don’t give up and remember that just the fact that you are trying to improve is a huge step. Think that, since it took time for you to build these negative feelings it will also take time to get rid of them.

    If you feel that you need additional help and motivation take a look at this program of personal development.

    Don’t forget to meditate every day 😉
    Good luck!

    The information in this article is not an alternative solution to medical advice from your doctor and should not, in any case, be treated like that. Do not delay seeking medical advice because of information/instructions on this article. Please read the medical disclaimer below.

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8 thoughts on “How to get rid of an obsessive thought

  1. Melody

    For years I was terrified of performing alone in front of people. I actually obsessed over the mistakes I might make and how nervous I would be. These thoughts actually held me back from doing what love for a really time, until one day I realized that I was letting the what if’s and feeling of doubt control my life. Yes! My life. Performing is very important to a musician.

    One day I just decided I was going to go for it. Each time I perform I still shake and I still have doubts but deep breathes and thoughts of a positive outcome keep me going. Tomorrow I will play the Last Post at a local Remembrance Day Service and am hoping for another flawless performance. I know that I might make a mistake but it will not control me! I am doing this for my country to show my respect whether I make a mistake or not.

    Thanks for the inspiring post!

    1. Athanasia Post author

      Hello Melody 🙂

      I’m glad you overcame your fears and that you didn’t let them rule your life. It’s very brave of you.
      You know what would also help you a lot? An affirmation.
      Create a sentence like “I am able to control my doubts” or even better “I have no doubts. I am not going to make any mistakes” or “I am not stressed about my performances” or what you just wrote on your comment “I know that I might make a mistake but it will not control me!”. Come up with a sentence like these ones and just repeat it every day for 5 minutes for at least 2 months. In the morning, evening before sleep, in the bus, while waiting in queue in the supermarket. Anywhere. Just repeat it everyday. This will reprogram your mind and how you feel about it.

      I wish you the best of luck with your performances,


  2. Lina

    Hello Athanasia, I like what you write here. We all face difficult, stressful, fearful situation in life. And I agree with you. The first thing i usually do is taking some slow regular breathing, conscious breathing. After 5 or 6 exhales I would feel more centered which means I am more in control of my situation. I meditate regularly and through meditation I am able to see any problems from a higher perspective, best part is that I often get new fresh ideas to overcome the problems I am facing. Gratitude and Visualization would make us smile and see the problems as reminders.
    I think people have overlooked the power of meditation. And it’s great that you choose to write about it. Keep up the good work!

    1. Athanasia Post author

      Hello Lina 🙂

      I couldn’t agree more with you.
      Meditation has so many advantages; as to be able to see a problem from a higher perspective. It makes the solution magically come to you.
      Keep on with your meditation 😉



  3. Heather Grace

    I love the techniques you laid out here. I have been up more than my fair share of nights worrying or thinking about something. Not being able to shut it off is the worst!

    Thank you for the useful and easy steps to help rid my mind. I will certainly be using these in the future!

  4. Christian

    I can completely relate to this. I have been overwhelmed by circumstances in the past that were out of my control to the point that I would have panic attacks. I have learned to use a few of the methods you described, but had not thought of all of them. I will be putting the balance of them into my list of things to do when this happens.

    I have found a few times that it was hard for me to understand what was happening, though. It sometimes takes me a while to understand that I have an obsessive thought. Do you have any ideas on how to identify them quicker? Maybe some sort of trigger? It’s just hard when you are so overwhelmed to think rationally sometimes.

    1. Athanasia Post author

      Hello Christian 🙂

      When you have a thought that makes you feel sad, uncomfortable, stressed, angry or brings up any other negative emotion, then that is a thought you have to get rid of. It doesn’t matter if it’s an obsessive thought or not.

      So everytime you have any kind of negative feeling take the time to ask yourself. “Why do I have this feeling?”, “Where did it come from?”, “What was I thinking about?”.
      I believe this is the way to find them quiker. By observing yourself and your feelings, and making sure that you always feel good. If you’re not, something is wrong.

      When I feel overwhelmed I usually meditate. I sit down in a quiet place and I have a session with myself first to find where the problem comes from. When I have found the source of the problem I make a visualization meditation like the one in the “6th day” of this post:

      Hope I have been of some help.

      Good luck,


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