Basic meditation instructions

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Below I have created the basic meditation instructions including “What to wear and how to sit” and the “Basic steps before starting your meditation”. Follow these instructions before starting your session.


What to wear and how to sit


  • Wear something comfortable that doesn’t pressure you anywhere.
  • Sit on the floor on a mat with crossed legs.

animated man meditatinganimated woman meditating

woman sitting on a pillow in meditation pose

      • If you are not comfortable on the floor, you can sit on a normal chair,

man sitting on a chairor on a meditation bench.

The important thing is to keep your spine straight so that you will allow the energy to flow.

      • Keep your hands on guyan mudra or just keep them on your knees. guyan mudra hand pose crossed legged position with the hands on the knees
      • Keep your spine straight while all your muscles are relaxed. Make sure that you have no tense in your shoulders and your neck. The only part of your body that should not be completely relaxed is your spine. By that, I don’t mean that it should be tense, but more like a support. It’s very important to find the perfect point. Don’t let your body lean too much but you shouldn’t either sit very straight-up because you will create tension. You have to find the point where you are relaxed, yet alert.
      • Your head should be looking straight ahead. Allow your chin to tip slightly downwards.
      • You can choose to keep your eyes open or closed if there are no further instructions from the specific meditation technique. If you choose to keep your eyes open keep them half-open.
      • Always breath in and out from your nose if not something else is being told.

Read more about how to sit


Basic steps before starting your meditation

You should follow these steps like a “start-up” every time you sit down to meditate.

        • Sit down in the position that you have chosen.
        • Take a few deep breaths and relax.
        • Continue with the deep breaths and as you exhale relax all the muscles of your legs. Start with your feet, the lower part of your legs and then your thighs.
        • Take another deep breath and when you exhale get rid of all the tension in your back, then the shoulders, continuing with your arms and hands.
        • Do the same with your neck and face. Be sure there is no tension in the forehead, the eyes, the cheeks and the mouth.

More guidance available here.


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