How to raise your vibrational frequency

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How to raise your vibrational frequency.
First I must mention that according to the Law of Vibration everything that exists in the universe, vibrates on its own frequency. This applies not only for all visible things (objects, living beings), but also for everything we cannot see, like thoughts and emotions. Learn more.

What do we mean by raising our vibrational frequency.
Negative emotions like, dissatisfaction, anger, sadness, stress and anxiety, are vibrating at a low frequency. On the other hand, positive emotions like joy, love, gratitude, hope, satisfaction etc. are vibrating at a high frequency. So when we say that we want to raise our vibrational frequency we mean that we want to be more positive and happy.
As stated in the Law of Attraction, being in a positive state means that we attract positivity in our lives; contrary, negativity only brings negative emotions and situations.

I want to make a note here and say that sometimes we get in the trap not knowing that we diffuse negative energy. Maybe we’re not complaining nor nagging, but just thinking and focusing on the bad stuff saying for example: “I wish this situation could change”. And by wishing for something we may think that it’s positive but the truth is that it diffuses more negativity than positivity. By wishing for something you may diffuse hope, that is something positive, but you also diffuse disappointment, frustration, tiredness; and these are some very strong negative feelings. So, wishing for something is not enough. The vibration you diffuse is still negative, and that has as a result attracting negativity.
So if you want to change something in your life, start by changing your vibration. The way we think and how we feel during the whole day. Wouldn’t it be ecstatic if we didn’t have to complain about anything and be positive and happy about all the sectors of our lives? Well, it all starts from ourselves.


How to raise your vibrational frequency

    • animated  figure jumping of joyMake meditation an everyday routine. By meditating every day you will adopt a more positive way of thinking and come closer to your higher self.
    • Practice mantra meditation. By practicing mantra meditation you synchronize your vibration to the mantras vibration.
    • Repeat positive affirmations. Think what you really want to change in your life or which is your goal. For example, maybe you are a very stressful person and you want to change that. Come up with a sentence like: “I am a person that doesn’t get stressed easily.” Even if it’s not true, by repeating it every day will have positive effect on you. You can repeat it every morning looking at the mirror for 3 minutes or after your meditation or you can even combine it with another activity. For example, repeat it to yourself mentally while you’re brushing your teeth.
    • Practice gratitude meditation. Practicing gratitude meditation is a powerful way to transform your negative thoughts to positive. Try to practice the steps described in this meditation every time you are trapped in negative thoughts or bad mood even if you’re not meditating at that moment. Doing this, will gradually change your way of thinking.joyful girl meditating on a green sunny field
    • Don’t spend a lot of time with negative people. Spending time with negative people that has a low vibrational frequency will surely not affect you positively. These people can drag you down in their misery and affect your vibrational frequency. Think about it. These people usually spend their days complaining about things and focusing on the negative. And it’s very difficult not to interact when you are with them so you end up talking about negative things and being affected by them. If you cannot avoid spending time with negative people try not to deepen into the conversation and don’t let it affect you.

  • Be yourself. Choose with who you spend time with. If you feel that you cannot say your opinion or that you have to compromise your ideas, then you are not free to be yourself. We have to be inspired, have fun, laugh and relax when we spend our time with others. Not feel stressed or oppressed. If you feel that you have to smile, have to say something nice and that you have no energy left after meeting a specific person, that means that you should stop spending time or if that is not possible spend less time with these people.
  • Spend more time doing your passion or your hobby. Spending more time doing something you love will keep you on a high vibrational frequency.
  • Stop blaming others. You are responsible for your life. Sometimes we tend to blame somebody or something else about a situation in our life. That’s a very easy way to put things and yes maybe we have had a traumatic experience in our life that had horrible consequences or maybe we were unable to control a specific situation, but after a point, we have to stop blaming others and take our lives in our hands. Blaming just makes us more and more passive. It’s when we take responsibility and control of our lives that good things start to happen.

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2 thoughts on “How to raise your vibrational frequency

  1. Alyssa

    Meditation is such a simple, but in my case, elusive thing. I know it is beneficial. I have done it in the past. I experienced lots of good results. And then I fell out of the habit. Now, thinking about it just feels like a chore. Do you have any tips for how to begin a mediation routine? My mind wanders and I get frustrated. In the past I used the Om mantra and loved it. Repeating Om out loud for 15 – 20 minutes sent me to a place of deep peace.

    1. Athanasia Post author

      Hello Alyssa 🙂 I agree that it’s easy to fall out of the habit. Meditation needs time and and persistence. I think starting a new routine that will keep you motivated will help.

      1) First of all you have to find your “intension”. What is the purpose of your meditation and set it in the beginning of your meditation session. Read more about it in my latest post.
      2) Start with 3minute sessions. Commit to yourself that you will start meditating for at least 3minutes per day. This will take the pressure away, and if you feel like staying more, you can do that, but you will not feel like: “I have to sit here for 10 or 20minutes”.
      3) Take notes after your meditation sessions. Write down any new feeling/sensation, and what is working for you and what not. This way you will have track of your progress and you will also be more motivated about it.
      4) Try visualization meditation. Check out this website. It’s free to subscribe.

      Don’t get frustrated or disapointed if your mind wanders. It’s something natural and you have to accept it and be happy and proud of yourself for your effort. This is something that will improve with time and anyways there will be days when your mind will be wandering a lot and other days when it will be calmer.

      Write again to tell me how it went.

      I wish you good luck,


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