How to start a meditation practice

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You are ready to start meditating. You have found a posture in which you are comfortable in and you have decided which object you are going to be focusing on. So you just start?
You could do that if you want to, but in order to have a more quality meditation practice, there are a few things you can do to “prepare” yourself.
These steps will help you get into the meditation mode and speed down your brain activity. I call them the pre-meditation steps although these steps are considered as meditation as well. You can also call it the first meditation phase.


How to start a meditation practice
You are sitting in your posture.

    • First step is to relax all your body parts, including your face. Focus on each body part separately, and then release any tension you may have on the specific body part. Become aware of your body.
    • Practice gratefulness. Spend the next few minutes of your session to think about all the things you are grateful for in your life. This will take your mind away from any thoughts or feelings that you may have and make you feel peace, calmness and love inside of you.
    • Set your intention. After the feelings of love and calmness, you are ready to set your intention. Setting your intention in the beginning of your meditation session makes you more motivated and focused. Your intention can be to find your true self, something you really want in life, focus on the good things in life, better general health or more specific personal things. Read more about how to find your intention.
    • Now spend a couple of minutes observing your breath. Being aware of it and your body movement as you breath in and out. Imagine that you inhale a bright light of calmness.

You can either continue with the breath being your meditation object or continue by focusing on something else, either it is just emptying your mind, focusing on a physical object, a mantra, a visualization etc.


Hope this article was helpful for you. If you have any other ways or helpful ideas about how to begin your meditation feel free to share them below, in the comment field.


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