How to stay positive and happy

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happy girl with hands toward the skyHow to stay positive and happy
If you have somehow landed on this article I suppose that you already understand the importance of being positive.
Being positive and happy results to better health, better personal and work relationships and the list goes on.

The key though is to be able to stay positive and happy during the whole day.
Being positive occasionally through the day or week is something relatively easy to achieve. So, in this article, I am going to focus on what it is that makes it so difficult to stay and remain happy and how to accomplish that.


Staying positive

Being positive occasionally, during the day, or some days, is not going to change your life. It’s going to make you feel better at times, but in the big picture, it’s not going to change much.
In fact, what may happen is that you will end up losing your faith in positivity  because you are not going to see any change in your life and you will not have a motivation towards positivity.


Allow me to make a small parenthesis (just to emphasize the importance of positivity in our everyday life)
It took me many years to understand that there is a huge difference when you do something and you’re positive and happy, from when you do something having negative feelings. First of all, the result will be better for sure, and secondly, you will end up feeling better.

This also applies to things we don’t like doing. Unfortunately, we all do things in our everyday life that we don’t like; smaller things like a chore and much bigger things, like our job.

I have a great example from my own experience. I had a job that I literally hated for many years. The days that I had negative feelings, I was getting physically and emotionally exhausted at work. In fact, it was not just days, it was years!

When I started to realize how it all works out, I started to think more positive. The days I was positive were stressless, I could find a solution in things that were impossible to solve when being negative, and I was not exhausted after work.
The problem was that I couldn’t stay positive during the whole day, every day!


Step 1- Self-realization

When you are unhappy, you’re obviously doing something wrong. Sometimes it’s even difficult to realize that. Many people think that there is nothing wrong in the way they live their life and that being negative or miserable is something “normal”.

They end up miserable, talking about other people’s life and feeling jealousy when meeting someone that is happy. They tend to say things like: “I’m not as lucky as this person”, “Of course he’s happy. Everything goes good in his life, he has what he wants”, “I tried thinking positive, but it doesn’t work for me”. 

So, the first step is to understand that this is not something “normal” and it’s something that can be changed.

Step 2- Understanding why you can’t be happy

Step two is to understand what’s standing in the way of your happiness.
I will give yo the answer directly: People that do things they like or are passionate about, on a daily basis are able to stay positive and happy.

When you live a life that is not in balance with who you are and what you want in life, it’s very difficult to stay positive throughout the day, every day!


Step 3- Change your mindset

Obviously, you have to make some changes in your life.
The first and most crucial change is your way of thinking.

Having a negative mindset will not help you make the changes you want and need in your life in order for you to be happy.
First of all, it will not give you the courage you need to make a change. Having the courage means not to back off because of the fear of the unknown or the fear of taking a risk.
Secondly, negativity attracts negativity. That means that it’s not possible to aim for a more positive change in your life while being negative. It’s positivity that will encourage you to make changes in your life! Positivity will help you see possibilities and solutions that you never before thought existed.

Note: This refers to the Law of Attraction that I I find necessary for you to read about, if you are serious about making a change in your life.
In the end of this article, I have a suggestion about a very good book/program.

I have to mention that changing your mindset is not something that can be achieved without the support of books, programs or in some cases a life coach.

My personal experience

When I was stuck in my negativity and in my everyday that I detested deeply, the first step was to understand that I have been living in this reality quite long and even if the circumstances in my life led to it, after a point it was me that was recreating it, and it was only me that could change it. I was ready to make that change.

What I had to do next was to start thinking positively in the present; in my current situation.
It really helped, when I was thinking: “This is my start point, and somehow I have to find my way out of it”. You cannot change things from one moment to another or things that have happened in the past. What you CAN change is your way of thinking in the present moment.

Step 4- Spend more time doing things that you love

To achieve a positive mindset you have to start focusing on the things that you like in your life. Try to make them “bigger” by spending more time doing them and try to eliminate the things you don’t like.
If you don’t do anything that you like in your life maybe it’s time to start doing new things to find out what you like. Start a new hobby, find courses on internet about something that is interesting to you, learn a new language, spend more time in the nature.. etc.

Somebody would say here. Ok, I hate my job, but I cannot quit because then I would not have an income, so I cannot eliminate it.
My answer in this case, is to start changing other things in your life that will give you positivity and by this way, you will gradually change your way of thinking and when you have achieved that, you will find the right solution to everything.
It’s like a puzzle. Placing the pieces in the correct place depends on other pieces.
It works like an ensemble; no piece is independent. You must find the way to connect them and put them all together.

When achieving a positive mindset you “see” things in another way and you start finding solutions in situations that before, you thought were unsolvable.girl walking dynamically towards the light

I believe that you have to live your present with all your senses. Even if you don’t like it. One day you will be very proud thinking where you come from and remembering your own personal battle. So, LIVE all your moments. FEEL them and observe how you’re changing day by day. Focus on the small changes and be happy about them.
Your mind have a lot of power and you just have to realize it. You decide how to live; not the circumstances or other people.

How to stay positive through an unpleasant situation

I find it relevant to write a few words about how to stay positive through an unpleasant situation, based on my own experience.

Obstacles or unpleasant situations, like confrontation or dealing with negative people, will come all the time in our lives. But how do we deal with them?
A very helpful way of thinking is to challenge yourself and see how you could deal with this situation in another way, having a positive approach, different from what you would have in the past.

Realizing your improvement encourages you to continue with the positive thinking. You will realize how much power you have and you will start using less and less the expression “I can’t do anything about it”.

After a while, that you have started doing small changes in your life, it’s very motivational to take a moment once per week (or whenever you’re having a rough time) to think how much you have changed.

Like: “I have managed to reduce the stress while working” or “I’m smiling more often” or “I have found my passion and I spend more time doing it”. This helps so much!  Appreciating and rewarding yourself. So if you’re having a rough time and you feel that it’s taking you down, don’t get disappointed. Think how much you have changed and how differently you are confrontating this particular situation than you would have done in the past. Be proud of yourself and see it like an opportunity to grow more, or test yourself.

woman in a balanced state of mind sitting on a bench enjoying the sunset

Meditation and positivity

Meditation has fundamental importance in changing your mindset.
Meditation will help you “find yourself” and what you want in life (if you don’t already know it); get to know yourself, and make you feel more positive and self-confident in order to make a change. It will help you understand how your mind is working and how to to control it. It will make you “see” life from another perspective. When you reach this point you do the changes that are needed without even thinking about it.

Additional motivation (always needed)

Another thing that can help you is to read stories of successful people; about how they changed their life. Read or watch motivational stories. You can also read books about Personal Development, Educational, Psychology, Success or whatever you will learn something from.


Suggestions: Manifestation Miracle, by Heather Mathews. Read my review.


If you found this article interesting you should also read my post about vibrational frequencies.


I wish good luck to all of you! Stay positive 😉

Write down any thoughts or questions in the comment field below; or you can even share your personal story 🙂

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  1. Burt Whyte

    Well conceived and very inspirational article filled with tips on getting motivated, staying motivated as a means of improving one’s’ inner peace, positivity and overall well-being through meditation! As you wrote, “You decide how to live; not the circumstances or other people”. Thanks for sharing!

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