Learn how to listen to your intuition

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I always thought that I didn’t have a strong intuition. I thought that intuition could be a strong stomach ache, a clear dream, something very obvious. Of course, everyone’s way of sensing things is different, but the fact is that all of us have this ability.
My actual problem was that I never learned how to listen to my intuition and not that it wasn’t strong enough for me to sense,understand or feel it.

What keeps us from understanding our intuition are all the distractions we face in our daily lives. Stress, fast rhythms, somebody else’s opinion, taking decisions fast and under pressure.

The solution is to cultivate a relaxed state of mind. When you are relaxed you have the capability to observe yourself and see what’s going on inside of your mind and your body.  At that very moment, you are ready to listen to your intuition.

How to do it

So, when you are about to take a decision, first thing is to relax. Take few deep breaths and empty your mind from all your thoughts. Take a deep inhalation and focus on the thoughts and the feelings that are occupying your mind. With your exhalation let everything go.

Second thing is to bring the specific situation to your mind when being relaxed. Examine if there are any negative feelings when you think of the decision you are about to take. Go towards the direction where you feel more positive.
Try to go with the first feeling you have. Many times, even though we feel good about taking a decision, when we think about it twice, we change our minds. The second thoughts and the “if’s” are very often created from self-doubt. The challenge here is to understand the difference from not supporting something because we really don’t feel good about it or if the bad sensation is the creation of our insecurities.*

Third thing is to examine your body. Observe your body when you think of your particular situation. Do you feel  any tension when you think of your decision? Is it tension from feeling stressed or excitement?

*How to understand if a bad sensation is created from self-doubt

Sometimes it’s good  to examine your feelings and body sensations a little bit further to see if the origin is low self-esteem or insecurity. So, except from cultivating relaxation you have to also get to know yourself better. If you are insecure for example, how that affects you in your relationships, your work, and all the decisions that you make. What it is exactly you do and how do you feel when you are affected by your insecurity; and ultimately the source of this behavior. In other words self-realization

I will give you an example. You are about to take a decision that involves a different way of doing things from what you are used to. You think that it’s a good idea but there is still something that is holding you back. In this case, maybe it’s not your intuition holding you back, but just your insecurity. This is the challenge. To get to know yourself so good that you know what it is exactly that is holding you back.

Cultivating a relaxed mindset and self-realization are both positive effects of meditation. In my first stage of meditation, you will find suggestions on how to relax. Click here to start working with your mind 😉

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2 thoughts on “Learn how to listen to your intuition

  1. Louise Heuer

    Thank you for your post on Intuition. I came across your post at just the right time. I am trying to trust my Intuition more but you are right about the self doubt. Go well

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