Love and gratitude meditation

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anahata chakraLove and gratitude meditation is for you that have not taken care of yourself. For you, that have overlooked your needs for the needs of the others. For you, that have always said yes when somebody asks you to do something.
YES, when your boss calls you on your day off to ask you to go to work. YES, to your friends and family when they need you (about important and unimportant things).

It’s ok to say no sometimes and listen to your heart. What do you really want?

Of course, I support doing things for your friends and family, but this has to have a limit and you have to understand the point where you start to neglect your needs and your feelings.
Understanding where tο set these limits means loving yourself. The precept of the anahata chakra is that we must first learn how to love ourselves, in order to be able to love others.


Few words about anahata chakra


Anahata chakra is also called the “heart chakra” and its element is the air.
Its bija mantra is “yam”.

The heart chakra is the connection between the lower and the higher chakras. It balances the earthly world (3 lower chakras),  with the spiritual world (3 higher chakras).

It’s associated with the feelings of love, compassion, empathy, forgiveness and acceptance.

If your anahata chakra is blocked, you are used to keeping a distance and find it difficult to trust others. Possibly, you also have issues in forgiving and lack of empathy.

When your anahata chakra is overactive, you maybe experience issues like codependency, needing the approval of others, no control of your emotions and letting them rule you; inability to set proper boundaries, saying always yes and putting always the others’ needs before your needs.

Physically, anahata chakra is related to the heart, the lungs, the circulatory system, the respiratory system and all the problems you may have in these areas.

Meditation techniques that help recover the balance of  anahata chakra

Visualization meditation:


  • green lightBring your attention to the location where the anahata chakra is (in the center of your chest).
  • Imagine a source of green light at that location.
  • If your mind gets distracted by any thoughts try not to involve with them and return gently your attention to the green light.


Mantra and visualization meditation:

Follow the steps that I describe above in the Visualization meditation ⇑, and chant the mantra “yam” while focusing on the green light.


Gratitude meditation

To view this meditation, click here.

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