Meditation and benefits

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woman sitting by a lake with a treeWe are used to living a life “on the surface”. We have been taught only to examine things in the external world. No one has ever taught us how to look deeper, behind all the distractions. We analyze things, but mostly in a rational way and not by heart. We don’t take a minute to think “How do I REALLY feel about that?”. We take random decisions based on common sense. We don’t listen to ourselves.

Stop for a moment your busy mind and just listen to yourself “How DO you feel?”


A very common issue that many have is the career. Here is a hypothetical example. What you really want to do for a living, is to make jewellery. All your friends and family advise you to do something else that is more “stable”, more easy to make money off.
They finally convince you, that what you really want is not possible to happen and that it’s just a hobby; that you cannot make a living out of it.
As a result, you end up doing something else that is “better” and more acceptable than this, like being a teacher for example. The question is: what could be better than your passion?

This is one reason why many people end up miserable and totally disconnected from themselves. Because they simply do something in their lives that they don’t really like. Unfortunately, this can happen in all the sectors of our lives.



What meditation does, is helping you see who you truly are, and what you truly like and want in life. Without all the “special effects” around you. When you meditate it’s just you there, and you have to let go of everything. Not be afraid, and be totally honest with yourself.  You have to hear the little voice inside of you, that so many of us have drowned, never heard, or didn’t even know it exists. This little voice is YOU, and if you start listening to it, you will experience true peace, happiness, love and harmony inside of you.


so….what is meditation?


Meditation is the practice that helps us understand our mind and how it works.
It’s a state where the mind is relaxed and free from all the thoughts, but yet completely alert.
It makes us “see” the true nature of things without any influence from our own point of view. In other words, it makes us more objective, seeing the overall aspect in any circumstance in life.
It’s a technique that has as a goal to make the mind stop being restless and make it free of all scattered/unnecessary thoughts, attaining the perfect balance.
Meditation can make us change the way we see the world.


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