Meditation for low self-esteem

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manipura chakraMeditation for low self-esteem is the subject of this post and it’s connected to manipura chakra.
The manipura chakra is also called “solar plexus” chakra. Its element is the fire and it radiates light, energy and vitality.
Its bija mantra is “ram”.

Manipura chakra is responsible for our personal power and dynamism, meaning that if it’s well balanced you have willpowerself-confidence and trust in yourself. You go after what you want in life and you don’t hesitate or get affected by others opinion.

If you experience anxiety, get affected by others’ opinion, are very sensitive to criticism, fear others rejection, have low self-confidence and self-esteem then your manipura chakra is probably out of balance or blocked.

The manipura chakra can also be overactive. That leads to an arrogant, egocentric behavior; these people loves to have power and control on everyone.

Have you for example ever taken a decision and when you discuss it with a friend of yours, that is not so encouraging to you, you start to have doubts?
On the other hand, if this friend was supporting your decision you would feel great about it. Don’t get me wrong here. Sometimes a friend’s opinion really means a lot and can make us see things from another perspective and that’s good, but until a point.
You have to decide and feel where this limit is and if something feels really good to you, choose not to get affected.
This situation can lead to the others’ taking decisions for you. And then you stop being yourself. It’s like you choose to lock your personality in the basement and not let it be free.

Another example is that you have done a piece of work, wrote an article, a song or maybe created a painting and instead of feeling proud and putting it out there without any doubt, you hesitate little bit and wait for the critics so that you can finally feel proud of yourself.


Manipura chakra is physically related to the digestive system and the organs in the abdomen. If it’s blocked you may feel depression, weariness, poor appetite, problems with the digestion or with the organs in the abdomen.

So what we have to do is to recover the balance in the manipura chakra (or unblock it). To do so you can follow the meditation techniques below:

Visualization meditation:

  • yellow bright lightConcentrate on the physical point in your body, where the manipura chakra is.
  • Imagine now a source of yellow light at that point/location; like a whirligig that is spreading its light in your whole body.
  • If any distractions or thoughts appear to your mind let them simply fall by themselves and return your attention to the light.


Mantra and visualization meditation:

Start by following the steps in the Visualization meditation above ↑. Chant the mantra “ram” while keeping your attention on the chakra.

Check out Yoga Download for guided Chakra Meditations.


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