Meditation music to relax mind and body

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Music can bring up various of emotions and feelings. It can make us remember, put us in a good or bad mood, make us feel sad or happy, relaxed or tense.

There are two ways to use meditation music to relax mind and body:


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♦ Listening to meditation music while meditating. Bringing emotions, memories or feelings to our mind during our practice, is exactly the opposite of what we want.

When I first started meditating I did it while listening to music. It helped me relax my body and mind and get used to my new routine.
Although the music I chose was quite neutral, in some moments it brought emotions to me. While this is not our goal with our practice it can be a good start as long as the emotions are positive. Positive emotions is always beneficial; in general and in our practice. It can help you establish your practice as something positive and relaxing. Of course meditation is something positive and relaxing but sometimes when being a beginner you feel tired, disappointed or restless. Music makes it easier.
An example for neutral music, is the  relaxing sounds of nature as water, birds, dolphins ect.
So this was my first step.
After a while I felt the need to meditate without any music or sound effect and deepen into my practice.

In other words, music while meditating is not something that I would recommend in the big picture, but it’s a very good starting point.
Later on, you can use it in the beginning of your sessions to practice gratefulness and set your intention.

I have to mention that there is a kind of meditation that is called “Listening meditation”. When you practice this specific technique you can choose to focus on music or on other external sounds from your environment. The truth is that i have never tried this technique, therefore I don’t have an opinion about it.

“Mantra meditation” can also be practiced while listening to mantra music or chanting along.

Well… I have one more small exception. It’s the music with binaural beats. Binaural beats is helping your mind relax and come to a deep meditative state. I have listened to this kind of music while not meditating and I have to say that it helps. You can find a big variety of music pieces in this category, some of which can be used while meditating; some with just relaxing sounds of the nature and others more music-like, even with lyrics.

Well it all depends on you. Experimenting is a good way to explore yourself and what works for you 🙂

♦ On the other hand, listening to meditation music when you’re not meditating will help you in many ways.
Either it is mantras in a modern version or just music with relaxing effects or sounds, it will keep you motivated towards meditation and inner quest.

Motivation is something very important for a beginner. You see, when you are a beginner you will maybe not feel any huge benefits or changes in your life for quite long. The changes and the benefits comes gradually, in a long term.
There will also be times when you will feel bored or that your practice have reached a dead end. Without motivation it’s very easy to get bored or disappointed. It’s very usual for some people to stop meditating completely at this point. Working with your mind and trying to change the way it’s used to function is not something easy. It requires persistent and patient.
At these moments motivation is the most important thing. Establishing some habits that will make your efforts easier is a very good and smart way to keep yourself motivated towards meditation and towards your intention. One of them is listening to meditation music while not meditating.
More ways to keep yourself motivated in this article.

Listening to meditation music when you’re not meditating will also help you get rid of the stress and establish a more relaxed mindset.


Kinds of meditation music:

Mantra music

Mantra music can be used to chant along while meditating or it can also be used as regular music, to listen when you’re not meditating. I find it very inspiring to listen to mantra music.

The Putumayo collections includes (among others) mantra music.

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The Cafe Mantra Music by Jo Kelly is definitely also worth mentioning.


Binaural beats

Binaural beats will help your brain reach the brainwave frequency you desire. The alpha wave is for relaxation and visualization, the theta for meditation and the delta for deep sleep (source: You can use binaural beats to come to a meditative state, overcome sleep problems or just relax, listening to this music either while meditating or not.

I strongly recommend Gaia Meditation for this kind of music. Click Here!

Relaxing sounds of nature

Listening to relaxing sounds of nature helps us keep our minds away from scattered thoughts and feel more grounded and connected to the nature.



Good luck with your meditation 😉 Write down any questions or thoughts in the comment field below ⇓

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