Meditation versus Hypnosis

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buddha statue with mountain backgroundThe reason I created “Meditation versus Hypnosis”  is to make a deeper analysis of how these two practices work and which are the differences and similarities between them.
I have to mention that I have more personal experience in meditation than in hypnosis and that the ideas in this article represent my personal opinion.

When hearing about hypnosis many people are a little bit cautious. They imagine a state of mind where just the hypnotherapist has control of, and that there is a risk of not returning to their initial state again. Well, some of you will be surprised to hear that the hypnotic state is a very relaxed state of mind just like in meditation.

What is the aim?

The aim of both, meditation and hypnosis, is to clear your mind from anything that doesn’t belong there. Meaning that many things are rooted inside of us as preconceptions and strong beliefs and makes us act and react in the way we do. These preconceptions have been created from our external environment or past experiences; bad or good they have left a print on us affecting how we react and what thoughts are created in our minds.

troubled woman holding her headThe problem is that some experiences have left behaviors or thinking patterns that are not good. Phobias, anxiety, insecurities, sleep problems etc. The aim in meditation and hypnosis is to cast off any kind of behavior that can have a negative influence in our life and that can lead us to suffering.

Difference between meditation and hypnosis

The difference is in the method.
When meditating, you gently direct your mind to a meditation object (of your choice) while keeping your awareness and trying to achieve a non-judgmental mindset. The result is being able to see the reality as is without being affected by your feelings.
Keeping your awareness means being aware of the present moment. When being aware of each moment of our daily life, we discover the root of our thinking patterns and that leads to self-realization. Self-realization leads to changing these unhealthy patterns in a natural way.
That means changing the unhealthy thinking patterns that have been preserved inside of our unconscious. These patterns that make us react in a way that sometimes we don’t know why.
With meditation, you gain control over your thoughts and realize where they come from.
Note: This meditation technique is representing Mindfulness and Concentration.

In hypnosis, you talk to your unconscious directly and change something specific (target something specific). You come to a very relaxed state of mind and then make the desirable change. It’s more direct than meditation. In hypnosis, it’s more like: I’m dealing with a specific issue and learn how to deal with that issue, with a specific technique.
Here is a video of Mark Tyrell explaining what hypnosis is.

How hypnosis works video

What about the visualizations and guided meditations?

The description of hypnosis looks pretty much like a visualization or guided meditation. They are pretty much the same thing. One difference that I noticed is that in hypnosis you follow a more structured method. On the other hand, if you think that visualizations and guided meditations are what you make out of them, they can be considered the same as hypnosis.

Which should I choose?

Both 🙂
While for some people hypnosis will be easier than meditation, for others it will be vice versa.

When I started meditating, I found it easier to visualize. After a while when I got used to the relaxed state of mind, it was easier for me to practice meditation. So you can use hypnosis for just relaxing and “help” your mind get used to this new state of mind.
Or you can use hypnosis for overcoming a specific issue that is affecting you and making your everyday hard.
In all cases, I support practicing meditation too as a means to self-discovering, -realization and -development, general well-being and preserving that well-being.

My recommendations

For guided visualization meditations, I strongly recommend Meditainment. It’s one of my favorites. The good thing with meditainment is that you can subscribe for free. Read my detailed review about it.
Meditainment: Meditation That Takes You Places
For hypnosis, I recommend Mark Tyrell’s website Hypnosis Downloads. You can choose from a big variety of downloads depending on your problem. Some of them are: relationship help, weight loss, sexual problems, addiction help, quit smoking, social anxiety, sleep problems and much more. Click on the image below to browse the categories.
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If you want to learn more about hypnosis you should subscribe to the 5 days for free and you will be receiving e-mails from Mark Tyrell including videos and demonstrations.
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