Stage 1- Cultivating relaxation

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man relaxing under the sun in a city backgroundStarting to meditate means starting to work with your mind. This may be something completely new for some of you, and therefore challenging. As I have mentioned in previous articles, either we are doing a physical activity or just relaxing on our couch, we are not used to observe and work with our mind. We usually let it travel freely to thoughts, feelings and distractions.

Many of us have even problems just relaxing.
That’s why in the first step you will just learn how to relax.

Before you start It’s necessary to read my post about How to sit while meditating and how to establish your practice as a daily routine-(just the first part).
It’s also very important to be consistent with your new routine. That means practicing meditation at least 5 times per week.
About the duration I believe that 5-10min is good for a start. Keep in mind not to pressure yourself and to extend the duration gradually.

Below I have written down 5 ways to achieve relaxation. Try them all, and feel free to combinate them, alternate in-between them, or just follow the one that makes you feel more comfortable.

Sit down in the posture that you have chosen and start your session by saying to yourself: “My intention with this session, is to take a moment with myself and just relax.”
Then start by relaxing all your body parts. Breath in and with your breathing out relax all the muscles of your feet. With the next exhale relax your legs, then your thighs, lower back, back, shoulders, arms, hands, neck, face, eyes, forehead, cheeks, mouth, including all the parts of your body.



      • Second option is to find a memory or a feeling from the past that was very pleasant.
        We want to find a feeling that creates positivity and relaxation in your mind. It can be the feeling that you had when you were on vacation, sitting on the beach and listening to the sea, or when you took a walk in the park, or when doing something that you’re passionate about or just when being with friends having fun. It can be anything that brings you to a relaxed and positive state of mind.
        So, when you sit down you just focus on that feeling and try to bring it to the present moment, as if you were experiencing the moment again.
      • Third option is to do a guided visualization meditation. Many people find it easier to meditate under guidance. You can find guided visualization meditations on Meditainment.

This is an adaptation period and it can last one week, a month or few days. You will be ready to continue to the next stage when you feel that it’s easy for you to relax.


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