Stage 2-Directing your attention

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In stage two you are going to focus on directing your attention to something specific.
Our eventual goal is to focus on the same thing every time we meditate.

To arrive to this point, you have to give time to yourself to explore various meditation techniques and eventually chose the one that works best for you.
Read about the meditation object to get a better understanding about the whole concept.


Here you have the general guideline for stage 2:

  • Sit down in your posture.
  • Set your intention by saying to yourself:  “My intention with this session, is to relax and take a moment with myself.”
  • Relax all your body parts, like in stage 1, and continue with relaxing your mind.
    You can use a short version of what you did in stage 1 to bring yourself to a relaxed state of mind. Recalling a pleasant memory, practicing gratitude or a visualization.
  • After achieving relaxation, start directing your mind to something specific.
    I have some techniques available in the weekly schedule that I have created for beginners. It’s like a small introduction to meditation.
    If you want a more detailed description about the techniques, you should read Giovanni Dienstmanns article.

Continue with your sessions daily, trying various of techniques. Stick to the ones that you like most and just keep repeating them until you feel the need to settle with one of them.

About the distractions

While meditating you will notice that various things interrupt you (thoughts, feelings or sounds) and make you even forget that you are meditating.
You will catch yourself planning your weekend, remembering that you forgot to call your mother etc. Whatever it is that interrupt you from your session, is a distraction that takes your mind somewhere else. This is a natural thing and will happen every few seconds in the beginning. What you have to do is to acknowledge that you have been distracted and gently return your attention to your primary focus.
More detailed instructions about how to deal with the distractions.


As I said in the beginning our ultimate goal is to eventually find out what works for us best and establish that as our practice. For you to arrive to this point, you have to give time to yourself not only to explore various meditation techniques but to also learn how to listen to your self-intuition. Don’t stress, force, pressure yourself during meditation. Learn how to listen to your needs. It’s only when our minds are relaxed that we can understand ourselves.

Finding our primary focus can take a long time. You can choose something that inspires you, and practicing that for a while can lead you to something else. . Like I said, just allow your self to feel free and you will find your way.



About motivation

Motivation is a very crucial element in establishing anything new in our lives. While it will help you overcome many of the obstacles that may occur, you will still need some additional help.
Read my article to help you find ways to stay motivated and the second part of establishing your practice.

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