What is Hypnosis Downloads?- review

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 Depends on what you’re looking for. You can create a free account, purchase one download for $14.95 make a subscription for $21.95 per month or purchase a course that can cost from $99 to $595.
Guarantee: 90 days (full refund)
My rating: 9/10


What is Hypnosis Downloads?

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Hypnosis downloads is a website run by Uncommon Knowledge, a company that specializes in psychology training, directed by Roger Elliott and Mark Tyrrell, who are also the founders of Hypnosis Downloads.
The whole team consists of 4 professional hypnotherapists that contribute to the creation of all downloads that are provided on the website.


How does hypnosis work?
Before analyzing the website more, I want to explain in few lines how hypnosis works. When you are hypnotized you come to a very relaxed state of mind. This is the state where your mind is open to new things and it’s then, very easy to change an unhealthy way of thinking or handling situations. More detailed explanation.

What does Hypnosis Downloads offer?

Downloads or CDs

It’s for you that wants to practice hypnosis with the guidance of an audio.
These sessions have as a goal to solve various kind of problems that one may have. Like quitting smoking, sugar addiction, self-blame/pity, insecurity, forgiveness, feeling down, social phobia, sleep problems, fears, hair pulling, nail biting, problems relaxing, low confidence, compulsive liar, living/being alone, stress management, depression, grief and much more.
Price: $14.95
You can find almost anything you need. Take a look at the whole list.

Hypnosis scripts pdf print

This is a very good alternative for people that find it difficult to follow a guided audio session and learn instead how to do it alone. It’s more or less instructions about what to say.
They come in pdf so that you can print them out and use them more easily.
Price: $14.95
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In Hypnosis Downloads you can also find courses about how to learn to do hypnosis on yourself and on others. When purchasing a course you will be provided with audios, videos, course material and discussion forums during the course. View the courses.
Price: $99-$595

Free membership

By creating a free account you have access to 4 courses for free. The courses are about hypnosis (introduction), depression, panic attacks and self-confidence.
This is a very good offer because you have the opportunity to try and see how it all works, and if you like it and feel that it’s something for you, upgrade your membership.
Create your free account now.
Note: The course about hypnosis is an introduction about hypnosis and how it works. It’s very good explained by Mark Tyrell.
If you want to gain more knowledge you have to purchase the Uncommon hypnosis course. With this course, you will learn how to do hypnosis on yourself and on others. Note that you will not get any kind of therapist certification.
This course costs in-between $197 and $249.

Growth zone

hypnosis downloads banner linkThe Growth zone is a membership you can join by paying $21.95 monthly.
Included in the Growth zone:
♦Every two weeks you will be given a credit which you can use in three different ways. You can either choose a download, a script or save it for CDs, DVDs or courses (that requires more credits).
♦More downloads available only for members.
♦Up to 40% discount when buying extra credits.
♦Audio phycology insights and motivation and inspiring insights.

My conclusion

My rating is 9 out of 10.
I have just taken the free courses and I find them very interesting because you learn a lot about psychology too.
The downloads are high quality and very effective required that you listen to them every day and are willing to do some changes.
The scripts are also very useful if you want to do it on your own.
I like their concept and that you can gain a lot of knowledge from their website.

Something that I didn’t like is that it takes a while to understand how it all works with the subscriptions. There is not a clear explanation about how the website works and what it offers.
Another con is that there are no prices on the courses.
One last thing I want to point out is that there is a box that says “Learn hypnosis for free in 5 days” or “Click here for our free video training course”. By clicking on that, you will be directed to give your email and then receive one course per day for five days (via email). It’s very good but I must inform you that it’s the same course that you will have access to when you create a free membership. This is just a clarification from getting confused.


Guarantee and free cancellation

There is a 90 days guarantee (full refund). There is a restriction though, so that nobody can take advantage of it.
There is also a cancellation at any time for the members with no refund on the memberships fees.


You should never listen to hypnosis sessions while driving or operating machinery. In order to use, you must be 18 years old or have parental permission for doing so. Read the Medical Disclaimer.


If you have any questions or want to leave a review please leave a comment below ⇓
Thank you for visiting my website 😉

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