What is the root chakra?

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The effects of an imbalanced root chakra and meditation techniques to balance it

Few words about the root chakra.
The root chakra is the first of our chakras and it’s located at the base of the spine.
Its original name is muladhara chakra and in Sanskrit, it means: mul= “root” and adhara= “base”.
It’s bija or seed mantra is “lam”.

The muladhara chakra is where the Kundalini is seated. The ultimate goal of meditation is to awaken kundalini and let it flow through all the chakras. It is said that you then experience the ultimate state of consciousness. This must be done with the guidance and surveillance of an experienced instructor of Kundalini Yoga. It can be dangerous doing it alone.

What is the root chakra associated with?
The root chakra is associated with the earth and the physical world. It’s connected to the feelings of safety, security and survival.
In the physical body, it’s related to the reproductive organs, the immune system, the bladder, the kidneys, the lower spine and back.muladhara chakra


What can a blocked muladhara chakra cause?
blocked root chakra can make you feel disconnected from the physical world and make you rather live in your dreams than in the reality. This can be a result of feeling disappointed from the world and it can lead to negativity, sleaziness and no desire of any kind of social activity. Nοt being able to organize in everyday life can also be an effect.
A blocked muladhara chakra can also cause various fears, nightmares, insecurities and consequently eating disorders. Fears like not being able to obtain financial security, and fears about health and safety.


What can an overactive muladhara chakra cause?

An over-active muladhara chakra, on the other hand, may cause extreme greediness for material profit.
It can cause feelings like anger, resentment and aggression against people and circumstances. Controlling issues on other people and becoming egocentric can also be an effect of an overloaded muladhara chakra.



How to balance your muladhara chakra

As I mentioned above, the muladhara’s element is the earth. That means that activities that have to do with nature like hiking, gardening, canoeing, camping or even just taking a walk in the nature will help you unblock your chakra. 




Visualization techniques:



  • deep red colorFocus on the physical spot of your root chakra.
  • Visualize a soothing red light at that spot.
    (You can even visualize that you inhale the red soothing light and it goes all the way down to muladhara chakra and then up again).
  • If you are distracted by your thoughts or feelings read this.


One more visualization technique is available. Click here: Tree meditation


Chanting meditation

Start with the steps that I describe above and chant the seed mantra “lam” while focusing on your chakra.

If you prefer guided meditations I recommend Yoga Download. It’s a very good website with a great variety of video and audio meditations. Check it out here.

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